Levas Flor has built houses all over Mozambique in recent years. In the process, some construction methods have proven to be worthwhile and have become established. Building with wood means building for the future. While other resources are becoming rarer and more expensive, sustainable building with wood is becoming more and more popular. Intelligent solutions help to make building with wood not only environmentally friendly and financially interesting. The possibility of insulating the walls and ceilings also results in increased living comfort compared to conventional building methods in southern Africa.

Wooden houses in modular leightweight construction

Simple wooden houses in modular leightweight construction

The houses consist of individual elements that are one metre wide and 2.3 metres high. They are optionally solid, with windows or with a cut-out for a door.
Great advantages of this construction method are the short construction time of 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the interior fittings, the excellent value for money and the possibility of building the houses in any place, as the elements can also be moved by hand to places that are not accessible by car or lorry.

Levas Flor prefabricated wood house
LevasFlor prefabricated wood house
LevasFLor prefabricated wood house
LevasFlor prefabricated wood houses
LevasFLor prefabricated wood houses

Prefabricated houses in wood framing

Timber frame construction is meanwhile one of the most common timber construction methods in North America and Europe. One advantage is that an extremely durable and stable structure can be built in a very short time with very little wood. Levas Flor offers turnkey prefabricated houses. The customer only chooses the design and materials for the interior. Everything is organised and handled by our construction team until the keys are handed over. Optionally already furnished. All installations are made according to European standards. The walls are insulated with reed, which is a fast growing natural material.

Customised houses

Levas Flor builds all kinds of customised houses. The architectural design can come from the client while our team takes care of the technical planning and implementation.

It is up to the customer which services are included and up to which point. Houses can also be ordered as a kit together with the technical drawings for the assembly.

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