LevasForest is a single Forest Management Unit (FMU) contiguous concession falling under one management plan and one management team. The FMU has been subdivided into 20 harvest or management blocks, on 20 year plan, with one block planned to be harvested per annum. The long-term plan is therefore a 20 year harvest cycle. 

The LevasForest Management Plan is a 6-year plan, with the current plan being for 2017-2022.  This plan is drawn up by professional consultants and has to be approved by the government.    

The Management Plan has documented the current commercial resource in excess of 540.000 m3, illustrating that the offtake of 5.000 m3 per annum by LevasFlor is less than 1% of the available resource.

Annual Block selection is based on blocks that have not been harvested before as well as proximity to the sawmill, main access roads, and the political climate.